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Automatic Air Cushion Packaging System

    Automated machine for packing aluminum profiles of varied dimensions with air cushion package.

​    Object measurement, wrapping, hot-pressing and air-inflating processes are all included in this system.
Inflatable packaging material automatic cutting and packaging machine_length and width are equal.jpg

  • Can automatically measures the dimensions of the object, and fit-cut corresponding packaging filament for wrapping.

  • Various parameters including hot-press duration and temperature can be adjusted to work on different packaging materials.

  • Under full load, packaging cycle can be as fast as 20-30s, depending on actual object size.

  • System dimensions: L 10,070mm * W 1,600mm * H 2,115mm

  • Applicable object size: L 150-1000mm * W 15-200mm * H 15-100mm

  • Specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

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