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Automatic roughness measurement and 3D modeling system

    Do you think the existing surface roughness measurement system in the factory is cumbersome and cannot work in more complex situations?

    Does using a contact-type roughing machine to measure damage the workpiece surface or too slow?
Do you required to measure other dimensions(diameter, height, thickness...) as well as measuring surface roughness?

Please refer to the following example for semiconductor containers:

Automatic Roughness Measurement and 3D Modeling System - for Semiconductor Containers


    Before and after the cleaning/refurbish process, the surface roughness and key dimensions of semiconductor containers, such as thickness, inner/outer diameter, and height, need to be measured to maintain the operating quality of semiconductor high-precision equipment.


    This product can replace the complicated process of traditional manual measurement, improve the quality and stability of measurement, and reduce the cost of labor and education and training. This system can automatically identify incoming materials and set multiple measurement positions on the surface of the workpiece. After the workpiece is placed, it can automatically measure and produce more stable measurement results.


    In addition, this system can integrate with the factory's internal database system, automatically upload workpiece measurement results to the database for archiving, and provide customers with complete and detailed report data.


Reference Specifications


How to customize your automatic roughness measurement and modeling system ?


    Do you think this example can solve your problem? Welcome to contact CENZ!

​It doesn’t matter if your requirements are different from the example.

    Maybe you only need the roughing function, or only need the scanning and modeling function, or your workpiece size is different.

    CENZ will modify it according to your actual needs and provide the workpiece measurement system that best for you!

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