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Automatic shipment inspection system

Make the shipment foolproof!

    Does your clients have questions about the items shipped?
    Is there no means to verify when a customer complains about an incorrect shipment quantity?

    This product can help solve these problems!For packaged carton boxes, just place the barcode side facing the image fixed edge when loading, and the system will automatically scan the factory label barcode, take photos, weigh, and compare with the shipping list downloaded from the database to confirm the items and record information.

    If anything is amiss, the item will be rejected for re-evaluation.
    This product is custom made to meet the needs of different customers, and its specifications vary greatly.
Please refer to the following examples:

Reference Specifications


How to customize your shipment inspection system?


    Do you think this product can solve your problem? Welcome to contact CENZ!

    It doesn’t matter if your requirements and examples are different. CENZ will modify them according to your actual needs and provide the most suitable shipment inspection system for you!

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