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​Automatic Noodle Serving System


    From bowl serving, noodle cooking, soup dispensing to ingredient adding, this system does it all precisely and automatically.


    Quality control & fast output speed, it is ideal for reducing human labor and cost. Highly recommended for chain restaurant businesses.

Fully automatic noodle cooking machine-background 3D image.jpg

Reference specifications (Customizable)


How to order your own custom noodle Serving equipment?

    If you are interested in this noodle serving equipment, please contact CENZ!

​    Each noodle shop has its own unique recipe, method, tableware, and plate layout, as well as different needs and budgets. Although this noodle cooker can store 4 kinds of noodles, 3 kinds of soups, 4 kinds of sauces, and 3 kinds of side dishes, the price is relatively high. Please tell us your needs and budget, and we will tailor the most suitable automatic noodle cooker for you.

    Please note that this equipment can only save kitchen chef and kitchen renovation costs, and cannot make the restaurant completely unmanned.

It still requires manual replenishment and cleaning maintenance on a regular basis.

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