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Intelligent Robot Arm Application

Let factories introduce intelligent robot arm!

    Do you know that a robot arm is like a clumsy worker? Many tasks that are easy for humans but is natively difficult for a robot arm. Therefore, the robot arms can only perform a few fixed actions in many factories. If the workpiece changes or is placed in a different position, the robot arm may not notice it at all, and human employees will have to clean up the mess in the end!

    But CENZ can make robot arm more intelligent, able to handle the uncertainty of work, and thus make the robot arm a real right-hand man! CENZ will add visual and tactile feedback to the robot arm, and use algorithms to handle practical difficulties on the production line!

    Is your factory still making people to do repetitive and monotonous work?
Has your factory introduced robot arms? Are they in use?
Can your robot arm handle slightly varied tasks? Or does it rely on a bunch of fixtures to keep it in fixed motions?
Do your employees spend a lot of time teaching it? Do your employees often have to follow up it's work?

    Let’s take a look at how CENZ makes the robot arm smarter!

Intelligence mechanical grinding / machining


    Casting and forging have many uncertainties, such as size differences and different defect locations. It is difficult to handle them with predetermined fix trajectories. Even the grinding process itself has many uncertainties.

    The same trajectory may not produce the same grinding result, therefore feedback adjustments are required. After CENZ upgraded the robot arm, it can handle uncertainties of workpieces due to manufacturing of the same model!Let's take a look at this example of propeller grinding:

Intelligence box moving/box stacking on pallets


    Robot arm are often used to move heavy objects, but most of the objects need to be in a fixed position. CENZ can add vision to the robot arm so that trajectories can be modified according to the actual position of the object!

    In addition to moving boxes from pallet to pallet, it can also be moved to a conveyor belt or other designated location, or the other way around!

    Let's take a look at the application of this box stacking on pallets.

How to customize a robot arm system to address your needs?

    Time changes, and those who stick to the old ways will only be surpassed by others. CENZ can help with your factory upgrades. If the robot you need is not in the above demonstrated services, such as loading/unloading, assembly, spray painting or welding... etc., CENZ can also conduct an assessment for you.

    If you need this service, please provide the following information:

Transformed from traditional manpower to robot arm

1. Current operation process (including operation method, positioning method and single operation time).
2. Current material loading and unloading method.
3. Current inspection standards, methods, instruments, tolerances and types of inspection tools.
4. Estimated space size and floor level that where the work will be performed.
5. Budget and expected results.

Upgraded for a robot arm to an intelligent one

1. Same as above requirements.
2. Current arm model.
3. Current teaching method for arms.

Please send the above information to CENZ by email or call us. CENZ will make a preliminary evaluation. If  the estimation is considered feasible, we can make the changes together.

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