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Automatic Shipment Inspection

Automatic Shipment Inspection

Fast and accurate shipment inspection ensures that shipments are foolproof!

Automatic Roughness Measurement

Automatic Roughness Measurement

Using non-contact measurement, it can be applied to difficult-to-measure locations such as the inside of a cylinder!

Library Book Labeling System

Library Book Labeling System

The first automatic library book labeling system; print & apply labels and films on book cover & spine.

Package Insert Counter

Package Insert Counter

An efficient and robust vision system for package insert/pamphlet counting.

Bubble Tea Machine

Bubble Tea Machine

Produce mixed tea beverage following traditional bubble-tea production procedure.

Automatic Noodle Serving Machine

Automatic Noodle Serving Machine

This system prepare all noodle serving procedures precisely and automatically.

Automatic Cooking Machine

Automatic Cooking Machine

An automatic pan-fry cooking system. Just place in the ingredients, and watch the machine does the magic!

The 2024 AutomationTaipei will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from 8/21 (Wed) to 8/24 (Sat). We anticipate your visit.



Customized Services / Agency

Intelligence Robot Arm Application

CENZ adds visual and tactile perception to crude robot arm, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the actual needs of the production line. The related applications that CENZ has done are as follows:
•Mechanical grinding/machining
•Carton moving/box stacking on pallets
​CENZ would  be glad to serve you for other needs about robot arm!

Intelligent/Industrial/Cooking System Automation Services

We provide thorough intelligent/industrial/Cooking system automation services, from evaluation, production to maintenance, anything you name it. Please feel free to contact us for such demand.  


Industrial Automation

Automatic Shipment Inspection System

Fast and accurate shipment inspection ensures that shipments are foolproof! Use the barcode on the carton to automatically check the weight of the shipping carton and take a photo for archiving!

Automatic Roughness Measurement and 3D Modeling System

Using non-contact measurement, it can be applied to difficult-to-measure locations such as the inside of a cylinder! You can also scan and restore the 3D model of the workpiece to confirm other dimensions!

Automatic Library Book Labeling System

Introducing the first automatic library book labeling system, combined with database, this machine can print and apply labels and protective films on book cover and spine promptly. 


Package Insert/Pamphlet Counter

Using a robust vision system, accurate counting could be made within a second. Applicable to various thickness of package inserts/pamphlets. 

Intelligent Food/Beverage System

Bubble Tea Machine

Following traditional bubble-tea procedure, this machine can dispense large variety of drinks in precise and reliable manner automatically.  

Automatic Noodle Serving Machine

From bowl serving, noodle cooking, soup dispensing to ingredient adding, this system does it all precisely and automatically. Quality control with rapid output speed, it is ideal for reducing human labor and cost. Highly recommended for chain restaurant businesses.

Automatic Cooking Machine

An automated cooking machine, in which multiples dishes can be cooked according to customers' choice. All details are handled with ease and precision automatically so you'll never be upset by sub-standard dishes again.

​Industry Cooperation

Have demands on developing products together with university or company?
If you are a company looking for a university to cooperate with, CENZ has a long-term collaboration with NTUST Advanced Intelligent Robot Lab, which excels on computer vision, robot arm applications, AI development and intelligent robots. CENZ can assist in matchmaking.
If you are a university looking for a company to cooperate with, Welcome to work with CENZ!


Other Historical Projects

Do you think the above services are not enough? You can refer to other historical  projects of CENZ. If you have similar needs, welcome to discuss with CENZ!


Business Partners


CENZ has well established connections with several enterprises and educational facilities. Combining mutual strength and resources, we strive to develop outstanding products to meet market demands. CENZ also offers our R&D capability and industrial automation services to customers that have requirements of upgrading their product line. We wholeheartedly welcome any potential partner to contact us.     


Our Partners/Clients:

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All copyrights of above images belong to their rightful owners. CENZ have no direct affiliation or associate with them.

If any listed trademark here is causing inconveniences to their owners, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will update this page accordingly.


About Us

With "Intelligent Automation" & "Intelligent Robot" being the key industrial trends to the future global technology, as well as the core know-how for Taiwan towards a global manufacturing superpower, several experts from intelligent robotics of all fields team up with NTUST, and therefore present CENZ Automation Co. Ltd. to the industry. Providing comprehensive solutions including software development, equipments, components, and a variety of intelligent robots and systems, CENZ is centered on introducing highly intelligent automation to Taiwan & all global customers, lifting global competitiveness to a higher level, to eventually make everyone a better tomorrow in the 21st century.​

In April 2020, We merged Chef Automation Co., Ltd. which was focused on intelligent food serving systems. Joined forces, with their expertise CENZ now can aimed for a bigger market. 

<<CENZ Automation Ltd.>>


CENZ focus on industrial automation, system integration services and intelligent robot related products development. Our team possess extensive experiences on software and hardware development for automation equipment/station and commercializing proof-of-concept stage products. 


<<Collaborative R&D team>>

Known as "The Teacher of Robots", professor Chyi-Yeu Lin leads over 20 researchers in Advanced  Intelligent Robot Lab to built the first autonomous intelligent robot for education and entertainment. They also hosted the first robot theater show in Taiwan with humanoid and wheel robot at 2008.   


Contact Us

Contact Info

​Tel  : 886-2-82273381

Fax : 886-2-82273383

Email :

Email :

Address : Room 1205, 12F, No. 716, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe  Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 23552

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